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Dedicated display solution leader brand

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Service Hotline:18923434587

Address:Bao'an District of Shenzhen City manhole Xinsha Road Xin Xin Tian Industrial Park 10, 3rd Floor

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After-sales service

▶ After-sales service outlets:
Excellent color more than 500 after-sales service network, the national hotline: 400-816-4488

▶ 1. After-sales service commitment:
LCD monitor display products and stitching wall products to provide 整机 three-year warranty, one year free service door (LCD screen one year warranty), other series of products to provide one year warranty, one year free maintenance services.

▶ 2. After-sales service advantages:
The country 500 after-sales service outlets, the distribution of the provinces and cities nationwide; fast response, professional technical support staff.

▶ 3. After-sales service process:
"Excellent color" (USER) established a special customer service network, through the provision of hotline support services (national hotline: 400-816-4488), "excellent color" customer service staff will be asked for the user's problem or machine failure, timely arrangements Local network of engineers to deal with, at any time to provide you with technical support and maintenance services.

▶ 4. Product quality assurance:
 "Excellent color" products through the authority of the evaluation, certification, including international FC certification, international CE certification, international ROHS certification, 3C certification, ISO9001, and was well-known international research institutions included in the 2009 - 2012 China monitor market research Reported product data analysis basis.

▶ 5. After-sales service team:
"Excellent color" after-sales service center with a professional and technical services team, skilled, professional ability, has a wealth of experience in maintenance and support. "Excellent color" distribution of the country's after-sales service network technical staff through the "excellent color" headquarters of the professional training of engineers, holders of professional certification of the maintenance certificate.

▶ Special statement:
The company free of charge to provide customers with three years warranty (except advertising machine), one year free on-site service (covering more than 500 outlets nationwide). From the date of arrival of the equipment to the location of the user and the date of acceptance, all faults and damage caused by damage, accidental damage and illegal operation are not covered by the warranty. After the warranty period, provide equipment maintenance paid service, as appropriate, charge the device fee, free maintenance costs.
Warranty period to provide hotline, fax, e-mail and other flexible means of contact to provide users with 24 hours of timely response services. If there are any problems and faults, if the user thinks that the technical staff to the scene to support, the company will send professional engineers in 8 hours rushed to the scene (Shenzhen City), free maintenance or replacement service support. Outside of Shenzhen will be within 24 hours by the "excellent color" arrangements for the nearest near-site after-sales service engineers.