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USER talent view
   You can turn more somersault, give you how much stage to build - "excellent color" concept of talent.

   1. You can do whatever you can
   Now the lack of talent, but the talent of the mechanism. The manager's responsibility is to build this "stage" for each employee to create innovative space, so that each employee to become a real business "master."
Serve their ability, people do their best. In the employment system, the implementation of a set of trial staff, qualified staff, outstanding staff "three workers coexist" mechanism. In the cadre system, "excellent color" human resources development and management of the essence is to give full play to the potential of each person, so that everyone can feel every day from the enterprise and the market competition pressure, but also the pressure into the competition Power, which is the secret of sustainable development of enterprises.
   2. Authorization and supervision of the combination - to be controlled, promoted by competition

   There are two meanings: one is the subjective self-control, self-restraint, self-discipline consciousness, the second is the company to establish a control system, control the direction of work, work objectives, to avoid committed directional errors; Then there is control of finance, to avoid violations of discipline. "Promotion by competition" means that the relevant functional departments should establish a more clear competition system, so that good talent can follow the system up, so that everyone feel the pressure, but also to show their talent, and will not bury the talent.
   3. talent, talent, personal wealth
   • Talent - this is the future of "talent", the need for the community to carve, enterprises to invest, and their own have to become useful.
   Talent - "talented person" is talent, such people can quickly into the work, can immediately get started.
   • Man-made - "talent" that is horned on the basis of "talent", which can bring great wealth to the business through its efforts.

   For "excellent color", the easy to use is "talent".
   "Talent" of the embryonic form, should be "talent". This is the "talent" of the rough, is "raw materials", the need for enterprises to spend time to carve. But now is called "life and death speed" in the fierce market competition, we do not have this time.
   "Talent" development is "wealth". "Talent" is easy to use, but easy to use people can not bring wealth to the enterprise; as the minimum quality, "talent" agree with the corporate culture, but with the corporate culture is not necessarily immediately create value for the enterprise The Light corporate culture is not enough, but also for enterprises to create wealth, so that people can become "wealth".
   Whether it is carved, available "talent", or immediately can get started, easy to use "talent" is not "excellent color" the ultimate goal; we want to be able to create wealth and value for the enterprise " "!
   Only "talent" is the top talent! To be able to create wealth for the enterprise, to create value! Our business in order to flourish, we should fully find that the use of "wealth".
   How to continuously improve their own quality, so forever talent? Must have their own ideals, their own goals! If there is no firm goal, in improving their own quality, self-challenge in the process will be anxious, shake. Everyone has their own dreams, and this dream must be and "excellent color" to become China's best dedicated display terminal solution provider's big goal together.