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Dedicated display solution leader brand

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   The company is very concerned about the protection of the lives of employees, to provide staff with the provisions of the national social insurance on the basis of closer to the staff life, developed a variety of comprehensive benefits, the main welfare items are:

   1, Staff restaurant
The company has its own canteen, where employees can enjoy a reasonable lunch and overtime meal.

   2, Birthday cake
   Family love is the culture of the company, each "birthday" in the birthday of the day can receive a delicious birthday cake, or with colleagues to share the joy, or bring home with their loved ones to taste.
   3, Paid leave
   "Work is to live better", in the spare time, the company to promote the staff to fully rest. Each employee is entitled to paid leave after entry, and as the length of service increases, the number of days of paid leave will increase.
   4, Holiday condolences
   Mid-Autumn Festival, Spring Festival, Women's Day, Children's Day ... ... Traditional festivals, the company for the enjoyment of holiday welfare staff to prepare a beautiful gift.
   5, Monthly activities
   The company will organize a monthly dinner and field activities to enhance communication and communication between departments and colleagues.
   6, Commercial supplementary medical insurance
   In order to better relieve the basic life of employees to worry about, the company insured the staff of commercial insurance, in addition to the original social insurance, employees also enjoy supplementary emergency medical insurance, supplementary hospital medical insurance, female maternity protection, group life insurance.