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Dedicated display solution leader brand

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In the "USER" can be based on personal career interests and expertise to choose administrative promotion and professional development of two development path. Since 2003, "excellent color" in the improvement of administrative development on the basis of the sequence, the establishment of a professional development sequence - "excellent color" of their own technical titles system, so as to provide all kinds of professional and technical personnel to select opportunities and development space The At present, we have launched a R & D, engineering, quality, technical support, and several technical titles.
    Since 2003, in the four technical professional sequence, the "excellent color" gradually began to establish channel sales, customer sales, product, procurement, finance, management consulting and other sequences of professional development path, through a clear understanding of the various positions of competency requirements , For the staff to establish professional development path and direction, and targeted to develop a series of training courses, so that employees can focus on their own situation to improve capacity.
    In order to ensure that employees in the "excellent color" to get more room for development, the company also implemented grassroots and even the middle management posts of the system, to encourage employees through the way to show their own stand out, many aspects of the development of their ability to work.
    "USER" has always attached great importance to the development of the staff, the company encourages employees in accordance with the existing management and technology dual-channel development model to plan career development, and the annual personal development plan to encourage employees to set short / long Of the professional goals, through the development of the required qualifications of the strengths / gaps to do self-evaluation and manager of the qualification interview, to promote the development of qualified staff to achieve self-development.
   "Excellent color" adhere to the concept of common development of talent and business, but also through various channels of training to enhance staff's professional knowledge and skills to help every active "excellent color" to enhance their own theory and practice level, Competitiveness, success success.