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Usermonitor-Dedicated display solution leader brand

AAA grade credit enterprise
Safe city recommended brandIndustry is the top ten brands

Dedicated display solution leader brand

service phone18923434587
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  • T series smart boardT series smart board
  • U series smart boardU series smart board
  • Q series smart boardQ series smart board

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Service Hotline:18923434587

Address:Bao'an District of Shenzhen City manhole Xinsha Road Xin Xin Tian Industrial Park 10, 3rd Floor

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Show ancillary equipment

  • Stitching ancillary equipment

    Stitching ancillary equipment

  • Advertising player play box

    Advertising player play box

  • OPS play box

    OPS play box

  • Stitching stent

    Stitching stent

  • Mobile stent

    Mobile stent

  • Related software

    Related software

  • Ceiling bracket

    Ceiling bracket

  • Wire


  • Wooden frame

    Wooden frame

  • Honeycomb box

    Honeycomb box

  • Desktop base

    Desktop base