Nowadays all environments are getting more involved with technology, commercial environments are obvious instance. Digital signage has brought a new life to these places, Even its presence is becoming much bolder gradually because of important benefits of digital signage. Digital signage is a modern and sharp, high-quality display screen which acts opposite of static signage. The old static signages are no longer popular among people. Digital signage is used anywhere you think such as cinemas, shops, educational centers, hospitals, hotels and so on to attract public attention.

Interactive digital signage is higher level of innovation that allows you entertain customers by exploring and choosing among your various products and services via a touchable display screen.

USER Digital signage in a Shop

Why should I have a digital signage?

Answer to this question should be quite easy, due to very different benefits of digital signage. Firstly, in competitive business world all huge companies are trying to invest a considerable budget on the most up-to-date display and advertisement devices for their branding in the best way. It’s all because shopping is more technology-oriented. Secondly digital signage provides you such an enjoyable customer experience. This pleasant UX for all businesses helps to increase sales indirectly. It gets more when you come across with more customized types such as floor standing, wall mounted, interactive, double sided and etc. USER has provided this completed guide as “Top 9 benefits of digital signage” for any business owner.


Digital signage helps to prevent poor User Experience (UX) for your customers. Digital signage engages shoppers without requiring employee interaction. No longer shoppers need to wait for asking information from employees while they are busy, because you easily showcase brand and services in a more popular advertisement method. (image of a signage in shop).

Indirect influence on sales

Definitely primary task of digital signage is to convey offers, promotions and important announcement during a critical moment. It will make such great motivation for purchase.

digital signage increase sales 33%

Dynamic display context

Digital Signage Software lets you control media content remotely at any time. Depending on the setup and service you choose, you will be able to change graphical content as often as you need. This feature gets to a more visible for holiday special sales and seasonal offers.
It’s very popular option for some places like restaurants with digital menu and price board that need to change texts more often.
Despite of current high-tech signage, changing display content was not convenient and very affordable in outdated signages. It also helps to content keep your brand consistent across different locations.

More attention from passenger

Powerful advantages are not only limited to in-store experience. Digital signage has made it possible to present yourself even when people haven’t entered a brick-and-mortar business. According to recent research, digital signs can capture up to 400% more views and attention.


Exciting view and interaction of digital signage maintains in public mind and this will make them recall your brand easily.


Opposite of what people assume about high costs of purchase and maintenance, existence of digital signage is quite cost efficient. Digital signs are surely an appropriate alternative for employees that means less monthly paying for business. Moreover, instead on holding campaigns by ads companies or printing, distribution and waste materials that is not very affordable for especially small businesses, digital signage would be a financial revolution.

Lower waiting times

At the current time that human is afraid of standing in long lines, a store without a line would be a dream. You can let come true for customers by the magical digital signs. According to a recent study on checkout lines, 69% of shoppers said long lines were the most irritating part of shopping. That beat out high prices (66%) and inventory being out of stock (65%). 84% of those customers said watching digital displays helped them pass the time while they waited. This shows really high importance of the device.

Lower waiting time by digital signage


As it was mentioned before interactive kiosk is higher level of innovation. It looks sharp and modern and more and more people are attracted daily. Interactive digital signage puts your customer hands open to spend more time on analyzing your products to have the best choices also not feel embarrassed asking several questions from shopping employees.

Video leverage

Video is far more engaging than stills. Digital signage lets you leverage the hypnotizing power of video to snag and hold customers’ attention. Even simple animations like pause and zoom effects on still artwork provide a more engaging viewer experience.